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As a new school year has begun, many students are in their last year of high school and the thoughts of what comes next is on their minds. Thinking about what happens after high school is often times a scary and intimidating thought. But it should not have to be. With the right support and guidance, figuring out what comes after high school should be an exciting process, and one that leaves you confident about your goals and options.

Preparing for life after high school is not something that has to be done alone. There are organisations that specialise in providing information and assistance in academic and career prospects for both current and graduated students. It is important to know that you are not alone in your concerns about your future and there are people out there who want to help you succeed in your goals!



The Knowledge Institute

On its fifth year of running, The Knowledge Institute is an education to employment development support centre. It specialises in providing workshopping and engagement to the local youth in order to expand the individuals ability to pursue their education or career on an international scale.

From scholarship advice to career workshops, The Knowledge Institute works to identify excelling students and equip them with the knowledge and skills to be the country’s leaders. An example of this is the Swaziland Young Leaders Fellowship Program, a program that seeks to develop students’ academic and leadership potential through the provision of information on applying to universities and scholarships as well as focused training on Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Financial Literacy and Civic Engagement.

A key aspect about The Knowledge Institute is their workshops that engage Swaziland’s leading entrepreneurs in encouraging and educating current students in the understandings of what it takes to be a leader not just to yourself, but to your community as well.


The Space

Located in Mbabane, The Space is a consulting agency that specialises in further education and career objectives consulting. The Space is the ideal support structure for those of who may not be clear about what path to take in their future endeavours and need expert guidance in developing objectives and pursuing them.

The Space specialises in exploring and building objectives with a client and moving forward from there with options on how to further their education or career experience. One outstanding aspect about The Space is their attention to further educations options that cater to all types of learners. Their academic consultations allow you to explore furthering your education in more than one way, such as taking online courses that grant you the same qualifications as an on-campus education.

For those of you who appreciate a hands-on approach, The Space offers an engaging environment to help with discovering, understanding and pursuing one’s own goals and objectives whether they are academic or career orientated.


MTN EduCare

A collaborative effort between MTN Foundation and Real Image Internet, MTN EduCare is the next generation of online learning resource support. Not just for students, this facility caters to teachers, parents and other such interested individuals in Swaziland. In response to the global progression to e-learning, MTN EduCare has provided a means to expand learning opportunity beyond time and location in Swaziland, enabling more people to pursue their goals even if they are no longer in school.

MTN EduCare specialises in connecting with current education facilities and providing study guides and exam resources to help students prepare for their own examinations.

With it’s unique e-learning aspect, MTN EduCare enables students to learn at their own pace with educational information always accessible even outside the classroom. Even teachers benefit with teacher resources being available that enable teachers to progress in learning trends along with their students.


Junior Achievement Swaziland

A member of JA worldwide, Junior Achievement Swaziland aims to instil an entrepreneurial culture into In and Out of School Youth. JA programs focus on the core content areas of financial literacy, work readiness and entrepreneurship and provide experiential learning opportunities for young people to prepare for their professional lives.

Junior Achievement Swaziland works closely with students to help them prepare for the work-world through teaching students about business management, the skills and tools needed to succeed in the working world and understand the different aspects of it. JA aims to be a trend-setter in investing and encouraging young people to own their future economic success in the global marketplace by focusing on the impact areas of youth, education and economic development.

Junior Achievement Swaziland also offers a variety of programs for current, graduated students both in Swaziland and in the African Region. One such program, the JA Company Program, is a 15 week entrepreneurship program that provide learners the opportunity to run a real mini company while still in school.

With global recognition, Junior Achievement Swaziland is a great resource for those who want to have an active engagement in pursuing their goals in the working world while still in school.


For more information on ways to help yourself strive for academic and career excellence check out the links below for the mentioned organisations. Don’t forget to follow the Tuesday editions of the Times of Swaziland newspaper for more academic and career engagement advice. For more academic advice, keep your eyes ons our media links for upcoming articles. All links and sources are listed down below.



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The Knowledge Institute Links

Website: www.theknowledgeinstitute.org

Facebook: Swaziland Student Network

Article by Nsika DM


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